Saturday, 4 January 2014

Meet Pien...

Pien is my yoga instructor and in 2013 she also became a good friend. Pien is also hypermobile. In a weird way, we discovered we had something in common. After a class Piens hip dislocated. She already knew I had the same problem in the past, so she asked me to help her. Piens hip was the first one I helped setting again. After stetting the hip we had some tea with the other students, like nothing had happend. Is she strong or what ;)

Anyway, Pien and I decided to experiment with specific yoga techniques. I could learn a lot from her, like alignment, tips for getting stronger and how to make my own yoga flows. And Pien could learn from me too, for instance: how to deal with hypermobile joints. We are a great team!

Yesterday we had a great yoga session. We did three sun salutations A and three Sun Salutations B. After warming up, Pien led me into a standing flow, witch was great for my strength. After the flow we helped each other to work on some poses. We had a lot of fun with those!

I always struggle with bakassana, but Pien is already strong enough, so she gave me some great pointers.

I could help Pien with her Natarajasana, because Pien has hypermobile shoulder issues!

Afterwards we wanted to try some arm balances and handstands.

With all the hard work, we had to finish with some closing poses, for cooling down and some safe stretching of our backs. Apparently my cat Avaldi had to check our alignment with this one ;)

After yoga, we had to close our great day with some Indian food, which was delicious.

Pien, thank you for all your help and being my new (best) (yogi) friend!

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She also gives private yoga lessons in The Netherlands. 
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